Airport expertise
on all scales

planeground is a professional cooperative of specialist planners and consultants for the aviation industry.

planeground airport consulting was founded in 2011 by a group of internationally experienced senior consultants, offering independent, value-for-money planning and consultancy services in airport development. Individual excellence and highly trusted professional networks are the foundation and characteristic feature of our business, resulting in a competitive edge in terms of the quality and efficiency of our work.

planeground is 100% focused on the “ground-product” of air-transportation. We are specialised in the infrastructural, operational and commercial aspects of airport development.

Our clients are airports, airlines, related service providers and private sector and government body institutions involved in air transport development.

Projects range from long-term development programmes to quick-win operational improvements, from large-scale spatial planning to small-scale interior design, at big international hubs as well as at small regional airfields. planeground delivers interdisciplinary expertise for airport development projects on all levels and on all scales.

Lift-off for
your projects

With FRA and AMS as our home turf, we are now seeking to share this expertise and expand our field of activities at additional airports worldwide.

planeground’s customer relationships rely on the credibility and capability of our individual consultants. With Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Fraport AG and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport we have managed to attract and retain some of Europe’s leading companies in aviation as loyal clients. We attach great importance to a long-lasting and prospering relationship with our clients, with a focus on the key aspects of quality, loyalty and integrity.

Since starting up planeground, we have been on track for growth with the aim of continuously expanding our circle of customers and range of operations. Our scope of services addresses airport operators, airlines, the related service industry as well as the private and public sector of aviation development.