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air­port con­sul­ting GmbH & Co. KG,
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Paul Beck


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Zu­rich In­suran­ce plc
Platz der Ein­heit 2
60327 Frank­furt am Main
Scope of in­suran­ce:
wi­t­hin the EU, Nor­way and Swit­z­er­land

Dispute resolution

We do not take part in on­line dis­pu­te re­so­lu­ti­ons at con­su­mer ar­bi­tra­ti­on boards.

Liability for Contents

As ser­vice pro­vi­ders, we are lia­ble for own con­tents of these web­sites ac­cor­ding to Sec. 7, pa­ra­graph 1 Ger­man Te­le­me­dia Act (TMG). Howe­ver, ac­cor­ding to Sec. 8 to 10 Ger­man Te­le­me­dia Act (TMG), ser­vice pro­vi­ders are not ob­li­ga­ted to per­man­ent­ly mo­ni­tor sub­mit­ted or stored in­for­ma­ti­on or to se­arch for evi­den­ces that in­di­ca­te il­le­gal ac­tivi­ties. Legal ob­li­ga­ti­ons to re­mo­ving in­for­ma­ti­on or to blo­cking the use of in­for­ma­ti­on re­main un­chal­len­ged. In this case, lia­bi­li­ty is only pos­si­ble at the time of know­ledge about a spe­ci­fic vio­la­ti­on of law. Il­le­gal con­tents will be re­mo­ved im­me­dia­te­ly at the time we get know­ledge of them.

Liability for Links

Our offer in­clu­des links to ex­ter­nal third party web­sites. We have no in­flu­ence on the con­tents of those web­sites, the­re­fo­re we can­not gua­ran­tee for those con­tents. Pro­vi­ders or ad­mi­nis­tra­tors of lin­ked web­sites are al­ways re­s­pon­si­ble for their own con­tents. The lin­ked web­sites had been che­cked for pos­si­ble vio­la­ti­ons of law at the time of the es­ta­blish­ment of the link. Il­le­gal con­tents were not de­tec­ted at the time of the lin­king. A per­ma­nent mo­ni­to­ring of the con­tents of lin­ked web­sites can­not be im­po­sed wi­thout re­a­sonable in­di­ca­ti­ons that there has been a vio­la­ti­on of law. Il­le­gal links will be re­mo­ved im­me­dia­te­ly at the time we get know­ledge of them.


Con­tents and com­pi­la­ti­ons pu­blis­hed on these web­sites by the pro­vi­ders are sub­ject to Ger­man co­py­right laws. Re­pro­duc­tion, edit­ing, dis­tri­bu­ti­on as well as the use of any kind outs­ide the scope of the co­py­right law re­qui­re a writ­ten per­mis­si­on of the aut­hor or ori­gi­na­tor. Down­loads and co­pies of these web­sites are per­mit­ted for pri­va­te use only. The com­mer­ci­al use of our con­tents wi­thout per­mis­si­on of the ori­gi­na­tor is pro­hi­bi­ted. Co­py­right laws of third par­ties are re­spec­ted as long as the con­tents on these web­sites do not ori­gi­na­te from the pro­vi­der. Cont­ri­bu­ti­ons of third par­ties on this site are in­di­ca­ted as such. Howe­ver, if you no­ti­ce any vio­la­ti­ons of co­py­right law, plea­se in­form us. Such con­tents will be re­mo­ved im­me­dia­te­ly. 

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