Braunschweig, DE

Braunschweig Airport

Client Flughafen Braunschweig-Wolfsburg GmbH
Year 2019—2020
Contract Economic / Real-Estate Masterplan
Partner N/A
Category Economic / Real-Estate Masterplan

Project description

The historical Airport Braunschweig Wolfsburg serves as the base for several firms, such as Volkswagen. It is also the base for general aviation, scientific research institutes and regional businesses.

With no excessive aviation growth expected, landside real estate development is the focal point of this masterplan. The airport's profitability strategy is the main driver for development. The long-term plan, therefore, enables further regional business development and expansion with little investment by optimising the revenue of what is already in place. 

Services provided

  • Terminal masterplanning
  • Functional terminal planning for concept and preliminary design
  • Involvement in the EEW Project
  • PAX-flow fast-time simulation modelling
  • Analysis of existing infrastructure and real estate (detailed real estate catalogue)
  • Quick-scan of airport profitability
  • Capacity / demand analysis
  • Optimisation of airside and landside areas to enhance long-term profit
  • Design of the economic development plan in various drafts. 

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