Luxembourg, LU

Luxemburg-Findel Airport

Client Luxembourg Airport
Year 2014—ongoing
Contract Airside planning
Partner Project airport GmbH
Category Airside planning

Project description

Despite its relatively small size and limited catchment in terms of the region's population density, Luxembourg Airport represents an air transportation node of international rank. It is the gateway to Luxemburg and home to Lux-Air and Cargo-Lux, but the airport also serves as a base for military and government flight operations. 

For the future strategic development of Luxembourg Airport, airside development consultancy services are provided by planeground within a frame contract. Those consultancies include:

  • Apron planning of Apron P1, P2, P3 including new marking
  • Safety compliance analysis/assessments on airside based on EASA aerodrome rules
  • Generating of operational manuals (Airside Safety Manual, Visual
  • Aids Manual, Positioning Manual)
  • Maintenance strategy for airport infrastructure 

Services provided

  • Concept planning airside
  • Apron configuration
  • Marking study, including detailed planning
  • Safety analysis of airside infrastructure
  • Airside simulation
  • Air traffic forecasting
  • Dynamic peak hour simulation
  • Scenario development
  • Capacity analysis
  • Position demand analysis.

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