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planeground is an organisation that is dedicated to paving the way for airport advancements by contributing to their success and development. With our expertise in integral planning, airport consultancy, digital & data analytics and sustainability, we drive the evolution of airports worldwide, ensuring they continue to meet the needs of travellers, airlines and society alike.

Our projects range from long-term development programmes to short-term operational improvements, from large-scale spatial planning to small-scale adjustments. Projects include international hubs as well as regional airfields for which we have received two international awards for digital design.

Just like a light aircraft, planeground can adjust to external forces far faster than an inter-continental passenger plane can. We have a flat structure, in keeping with being agile and quick in response. We have a highly skilled, hands-on staff committed to excellence.

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The clarity and integrity of the concept is striking!

Kathrin Hennig, Project Director Munich Airport


In 2022 we were awarded two International Terminal Design Competitions. Our innovative designs were judged to be the best solutions – twice.

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